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How The Most Important Astrological Dates in 2023 Will Affect You

The retrogrades, eclipses, and transits that will influence you and society.

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When you explore the most important astrological dates of 2023, it’s essential to understand that each shift, transit, alignment, eclipse, and lunation that takes place exerts an influence on individuals as well as societal structures. Whether that influence is intense or subtle depends on a number of interconnected factors and relationships, many of them unique to each of us.

Still, some influences will hold more sway than others. We asked the astrologers whose interpretation of the stars and planets and signs we respect to share the most momentous astrological events in 2023 from their perspective. You’ll want to return to this list and contemplate the ideas throughout the year. As situations in your life play out and perspectives shift, you’ll find different meanings and understandings of the information that follows.

Most Important Astrological Dates of 2023

Mars in Gemini | Through March 23, 2023

Mars has been in Gemini for quite some time. Typically the planet of intellectual curiosity shifts signs every six weeks, although this transit through an ever-in-motion air sign will endure for seven months. During this time, our thoughts, ideas, and even the information we take in tend to be in a state of constant flux.

In January, Mars went direct after being in retrograde. This shift can help us sever our ties with the lies told by our minds. Think of this in terms of the false stories we create around situations as well as the type of information we gather on topics. The end of retrograde supports the end of polarized thinking.

Beware, Mars can make us sharp in our words and our actions. Honor the tongue as a sword. Explore whether you’re being too sharp. Or you’re being dull when you need to be sharp. Writing down all the things that cause you to be angry can help you better understand yourself and help you use your words to get your point across without tending toward impulsivity.

—Cameron Allen, astrologer, herbalist, and student of yoga and Ayurveda 

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All Planets Direct | January 22, 2023-April 21, 2023

We just came out of retrograde. For the next 11 weeks, all the planets are moving direct, which means everything can feel more in alignment. Think of retrograde as going against the traffic, whereas when all the planets are direct, all traffic is moving uniformly in the same direction—with no red lights!

It’s a time to set intentions. As you do so, consider two things. First, how can I create habits that support these intentions? Equally essential is asking yourself, how can I allow them to happen with ease?

This is not the time to overcomplicate things. Keep it simple. Keep it fulfilling. It’s time to…

Dust off the to-do list.
Do the work.
Sign the contract.
Take the training.
Enroll in the program.
Think outside the box.
Take a leap of faith.

—Erica Jung, a yoga teacher and a student of healing practices and embodied spirituality

Saturn in Pisces | March 7, 2023-February 13, 2026

As Saturn and Pisces come together in the heavens above, so do the tangible and intangible, boundaries and boundlessness, practical and imaginative, reality and dream state below.

Although our relationship with Saturn can be complicated. Saturn’s intention for us is always self-responsibility in the name of mastery. The path isn’t always easy with Saturn, but it is throughout this transit that we continually learn the skill of mastering our reality and creating our desires.

The planet typically transits in each sign for three years, allowing for ample lessoning. This time is an invitation to ground our relationship with spirituality and to relate to our dreams and wishes with determination, discipline, and structure. It is where formlessness can flow into form. It is when our imagined ideal states of love, oneness, healing, and creativity can be brought into our physical realities through practical action, self-responsibility, and discipline.

—Jordane Maree, founder of Girl and Her Moon and Yoga Journal’s weekly astrology columnist

Pluto’s Transit into Aquarius | March 23-January 21, 2043

Pluto in Capricorn brings out the truth about our ruling structures and activates transformation. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn at 27 degrees took place during the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Pluto’s return, which is when it returned to the exact same degree, happened on February 22, 2022. Rebirth of America. This was happening in America’s second house, which is our house of values, inside and out. The earth element of Capricorn in an earth element-ruled house of Taurus represents financial structures. Pluto represents transformation and power. This is why we saw action in the stock markets, crypto, and big business.

Pluto will move into Aquarius on March 23, 2023, after being in Capricorn since 2008. The amount of time Pluto spends in each sign makes any shift significant. Now that Pluto will be in Aquarius, we will be feeling more of the collective coming together to create real, tangible change for the greater good.

Aquarius is an air element. It allows us to be free and innovative in our thinking and connects us to the collective. Imagine having a bunch of radio stations on at the same time in your mind. This is the life of an Aquarian—feeling the world in all ways and picking up on the collective mood. That connection plus the energy of innovation allows Aquarian energy to find creative solutions to our global problems. There is no limit to where the mind can go with Aquarian energy and its idealism is infectious.

We will be seeing more progressive change in the world regarding human rights. We will be seeing a lot of changes in the tech world. Pluto in Aquarius is about revolution and big change in our society.

Pluto in Capricorn was more self-serving and focused on patriarchy. Aquarian energy is more about the betterment of society and not just the self. Pluto in Capricorn was about restructuring and exposing how we have been doing things was not working for the greater good. Pluto in Aquarius will allow us to embrace systemic change by being more mindful and empathetic. Embracing community will be a big theme as will knowing that we cannot create change unless we step into it together.

—Farah Siddiq is the founder of Farah Siddiq Healing Arts and the creator of Cosmic Reiki, which combines astrology and reiki.

Venus Retrograde in Leo | July 22, 2023-September 3, 2023

When it comes to planetary retrogrades, we’re accustomed to hearing about the infamous effects of Mercury’s perceived backward spiral. This is due in part to its relative frequency—typically three times a year for three weeks at a time—as well its well-known disruption of technology, schedules, and all things related to communication and cognition.

Venus retrograde, on the other hand, catches us by surprise. Occurring only once every eighteen months for a period of five weeks, the planet governs how we relate, what we’re attracted to, and our creative inspiration. And it takes us on a review for which we’re unaccustomed and for that matter, often disinclined.

Get ready to reflect on relationships, relationships, relationships—the ones you have with yourself, your immediate family, and the world at large. This retrograde will also highlight the necessity for the oppression of the feminine to be reconciled. As well, you will be asked to explore your creative inspiration and how you express your heart’s truest desires.

As change seldom occurs voluntarily, this period can bring outside circumstances to evoke an expression of what you need to do to welcome more love. Remember: As within, so without. Do your inner work now, find that harmony within, connect fully with your heart’s desired expression, and it will undoubtedly be mirrored without. Let yourself feel into the truth you may have been holding back. And when Venus finally goes direct, let it out!

—Ryan Seaman, an astrologer who draws on multiple disciplines to translate the stars

Jupiter in Taurus | May 16, 2023-May 25, 2024

Jupiter is about expansion and the remover of obstacles. Taurus is about our essential needs. During this time, we will be challenged to confront whether we are removing the obstacles to people’s essential needs? In particular, how can we help others access their basic needs? An example is the recent strikes by railroad workers unions in the United Kingdom.

Because Taurus, too, can be about building things easily, excess can easily occur during this time, so you want to take a lot of care around not falling into overdoing, overconsuming, overthinking, or overspending.

Mercury Retrograde | April 21-May 14, 2023; August 23-September 15, 2023; December 13-January 1, 2024

Each year, Mercury goes retrograde in a specific elemental sign. This year, Mercury retrogrades in earth signs. What does the planet of communication and information do when influenced by earth signs? It directs our attention to the information that moves through your body. The invitation is to take in information not just from the usual heady place but from understanding how others communicate through their body language.

—Cameron Allen, astrologer, herbalist, and student of yoga and Ayurveda


Eclipses | April 20, May 5-6, October 14, October 28-29, 2023

Eclipse periods foreshadow themes in our personal lives that need work. When we align with these divine cycles by taking time for self-reflection, we can tap deeply into our purpose and become a stabilizing force and resource for our communities.

The time between eclipses allows us to tap into aspects of ourselves that we don’t readily see. Things that we’ve turned a blind eye to are often revealed at this time.

Themes that come into play during the first two eclipses will be ruled by Mars, the fiery planet of primal instincts. The last two eclipses will be influenced by Venus, the planet that governs all our connections and relationships, including societal, familial, and romantic.

—Cameron Allen, astrologer, herbalist, and student of yoga and Ayurveda 

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