Cozy Up with a Weighted Blanket

Relax and release anxiety with a cozy weighted blanket. Check out our favorites below.


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Weighted blankets are a wonderful way to feel comfy and held when you’re unwinding before bed. The gentle pressure relaxes your nervous system, and research shows that wrapping yourself in one like a burrito can reduce your anxiety. Weighted blankets also have proven benefits when it comes to addressing sleep issues, helping to ease insomnia and other sleep disorders. Find the perfect weighted blanket for you below.

Light blue knit weighted blanket

JESU Weighted Chunky Knit Blanket

The braids in this weighted blanket add a pleasant texture that helps you relax, and the fibers within the braids react to the changes in your body temperature, keeping it breathable yet warm. Plus, it’s machine washable, so it can be easily cleaned after regular use.

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Woman reading under gray quilted weighted blanket

ZZZhen Weighted Blanket

This quilted blanket contains 15 pounds of weight, adding a firm yet manageable pressure to you when you get underneath it. The stitching to the blankets keeps the fillings from shifting around so the weight stays even regardless of the position that you’re in. Further, this blanket is breathable so it’s suitable for year-round use.

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Gray and white sherpa fleece blanket

HBlife Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket

The reversible double layers on this sherpa fleece blanket provides different levels of comfort however you want to use it. The flannel top layer offers a smooth feel, while the sherpa fleece is reminiscent of a cloud. And at 15 pounds of weight, you’ll nod off to sleep in a warm hug.

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Shaggy gray blanket on a white chair in front of a Christmas tree

St. Bridge Shaggy Faux Fur Weighted Blanket

Unwind into the plush embrace of this faux fur weighted blanket. The fleece surface will keep you warm while the 7 layers of design within the blanket add a squishy feel to it. The 15 pounds of weight is enough to relax your nervous system while you wrap yourself up.

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