Join Our “Raise Your Vibration” Fitness Challenge

A 6-week mind body fitness plan that combines yoga asana, mindfulness practices, nutrition, wellness and mental clarity to help participants achieve holistic results.

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A Holistic Approach

Move over “New Year, New You.” We think you’re good enough just the way you are. This past year was emotionally and physically draining. We are all ready to start 2021 on a positive beat. We want to help you Raise Your Vibration – and all the levels that surround you. 

This 6-week program will combine yoga asana, mindfulness practices, nutrition, wellness and mental clarity. This holistic approach will help you balance your energy, promote mental clarity, and clear limiting beliefs. You will create a stronger, happier, more positive version of your already amazing self. 

Every two weeks, you’ll receive a calendar tracker to help you set goals and record your progress.

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Weekly Focus

Week 1-2:  Mindfulness 

Being more present is one of the most important philosophies first taught in yoga. For many it is also the most challenging. We all have so much on our plates that we carry with us daily. We will often just go through the motions to check a box instead of slowing down to take a few deep breaths. We know it isn’t realistic to be fully present all day long, but starting the year with a few mindful habits will help bring moments of mindfulness more naturally to us every day. 

Week 3-4: Nutrition 

When it comes to building healthy habits, small changes build up over time. A few small tweaks to your diet and routine can help jumpstart your goals. We always start the year with grand plans for our health and then lose sight of them after a month. It is often because we focus on abstract goals, like “eat better’” or “exercise more” but we actually need to get more specific. For this challenge, we’ll set a specific goal that is attainable regardless of where you are at in your health journey. 

Week 5-6 – Fitness / Practice

At the start of every new year, we have high hopes for what we are going to achieve. Creating a stronger, happier version of yourself should be the most important. We believe that focusing on poses that balance our energy needs during the cooler winter months, will make it easy to bring ourselves to the mat every day. We also want to kick start the year by setting ourselves up for success, focusing on strengthening our muscles to help enhance our practice in the year ahead. 

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