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What Your Moon Sign in Astrology Says About You

It's complementary to your Sun sign in ways that, not surprisingly, illuminate your darkest corners.

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Ever question your horoscope’s accuracy? You’re not wrong. After all, how could the same Sun sign accurately explain the inner workings of 1/12 of the humans on the planet? A more comprehensive understanding of the astrological influences on your personality can be found in the other signs that also hold some say in who you are. This includes your rising sign as well as your Moon sign.

Before you can understand what your Moon sign means, you need to explore what it is.

What exactly is a Moon sign?

Your Moon sign—the placement of the Moon in the zodiac at the exact time of your birth—tends to describe your emotional life, feelings, desires, and all the stuff going on below the surface that might not be apparent, even to you. Your Moon sign is perhaps your clearest indicator as to the workings of your inner world. When you consider that the Moon illuminates the night and guides you in the darkness, this seems quite fitting.

All of the subconscious stuff going on below the surface is your Moon sign. It directs the more emotional and fluid parts of your life, much like the tides, which are also controlled by the Moon. It rules the deepest parts of your being and everything that makes you feel emotionally secure. If you want to take a more in-depth look at your feelings, intuition, empathies, and how you express yourself, your Moon sign will show you the way.

To learn more, type “What is my Moon sign?” into your browser. Numerous websites offer calculators that will ask for the date, time, and location of your birth. This in turn creates a map of the sky—and the placements of the Moon and other planetary bodies—at the precise moment you were born. This is known as your birth chart and offers an in-depth look at the myriad astrological influences on who you are.

What does your Moon sign mean?

The traits of each zodiac sign remain the same, whether it’s your Sun, rising, or Moon sign. But where and how they reveal themselves in your life depends on their placement in your birth chart. When you read the below descriptions, many will sound familiar, but notice the particular nuances of how they show up in your everyday interactions.

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Enthusiastic | Adventurous | Blunt
If your Moon sign is Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, you probably have an enthusiastic-about-anything side and a childlike willingness to try something new. An Aries Moon can also appear as an inner child who is temperamental and wants what they want RIGHT NOW. In addition to a youthful spirit, those born with an Aries Moon tend to share the traits of impulsivity and, at times, hotheadedness.


Warmhearted | Routine-Oriented | Stubborn 

A Taurus Moon belies a creature of habit. At your core, all you desire is a home full of silk sheets, exquisitely prepared food, and an indulgent soak in the tub with a warm, fluffy robe waiting. Stability is also a Taurus Moon thing, which might seem at odds with your Sun sign, but at your core, you desire a select few to become your chosen family, no matter how slowly you get there.


Intelligent | Witty | Cunning 
Truly cerebral, a Gemini Moon will process feelings through words. This can mean that you need a few minutes to get your witty response together because you want to sound smart without revealing too much of your feelings. You take your time to make decisions because you’re weighing all the possible outcomes—logically and emotionally—and because Gemini’s skip from one idea to the next. And the next. And the next.


Empathetic | Nurturing | Emotional
The Moon is at home in Cancer. Having this nurturing sign in the role of your Moon sign means that you have a preternatural desire to look after everyone and everything in your path. And, let’s be honest, the world needs more of that. But someone with such a caretaking interior also needs to remember to look after themselves. A hot bath and a little time alone never hurt anyone.


Expansive | Faithful | Conflicted
Proud and confident, a Leo Moon sign can be hard to ignore. You’re super compassionate and expressive on the inside–but how are you doing on the outside? You might be someone who mirrors others in their actions, emotions, even gestures. Since Leo is ruled by the fiery Sun, a Moon in Leo can expect to feel a little push and pull between their inner and outer lives. Take care to protect your own energy.


Practical | Reliable | Perfectionist

Naturally curious, a Virgo Moon is full of wisdom. Virgos are analytical in nature. They’re also highly opinionated and super ethical. Virgo Moons tend to need quite a lot of soothing as you do worry more than a little. However, you also tend to turn your traits outward as you’re pretty dedicated to service and you love to be helpful, so you have all kinds of advice to offer, whether solicited or not.


Diplomatic | Indecisive | Idealistic

Natural mediators, Libra Moons are happiest keeping the peace. A die-hard romantic, love is all you need. In fact, you might even go do far as to start a romance while you’re still involved in another one. You love being swept away and are more than adept at keeping the peace, so you’ll do well moving between relationships until you find the one.


Powerful | Magnetic | Obstinate
Scorpio is known for its high-octane intensity. With this water sign as your Moon, you tend to have volatile emotions and can be vulnerable to absorbing the emotions and moods of others. Boundaries need to be honored in your relationships and negative vibes guarded against. Your waters run deep, Scorpio. You share your buried truths with only a few chosen souls, so you tend to desire deep personal connections. You exude trustworthiness because others see how important your secrets are to you.


Optimistic | Straightforward | Superficial
A fire sign, Sagittarius is characterized by brazen curiosity and judgment. Sag as your Moon sign means that you don’t have much choice but to be honest and invoke some interesting conversations. Travel, intellectual expansion, and philosophy are big topics for you. Just be sure to continue listening after you break the ice.


Reserved | Disciplined | Fatalistic
Capricorns are known for their hard work and business savvy, but under the influence of the Moon, that also means that you can take your emotions pretty seriously. Long-term success is everything to you, in any collaboration whether business, romance, or friendship. You’re not super sensitive but you do take your feelings, when you feel them, as an important signal.


Inventive | Independent | Unpredictable 

The most humanitarian sign, Aquarius always wants to do the right thing—even when that means putting the greater good above your own needs. Because you respond to life based on your values rather than your emotions, you’re more cerebral than emotional and you don’t understand why peeps need to lose their schizz to prove a point. Be aware of your tendency to start to detach from others.


Idealistic | Intuitive | Vague
Have you always been considered by others to be dreamy? Accused of being off in your own world? A Pisces Moon is actually quite sensitive and empathetic. And magnetic. As a Moon sign, you’re rarely judgmental. You’ll advise if someone asks for your intuition and you’ll be known for your otherworldly creativity and generosity. Deeply spiritual, Pisces Moons tend to be described as old souls and have a lot of answer to questions that haven’t even been asked yet.

About our contributor

Jenny Latreille lives in Northern Ontario, where the Moon often seems much closer than it is. Preoccupied with food, culture, the stars, and art, she spends a lot of time in nature as well as in her kitchen, where she looks for ways to combine everything–and sometimes it works. She lives in an urban jungle with a pack of cats known as “The Adorables.”

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