Weekly Astrology Forecast, May 28-June 3: Finding Closure

The themes of wisdom, truth, conclusions, and closure are certain to present themselves.

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As we step through the gates of June and into the new week, we encounter Mars in Leo, which initiates creativity, passion, and courage, and an illuminating Sagittarius full Moon presenting themes of wisdom, truth, conclusions, and closure.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Each sign of the zodiac represents a different expression of what it means to be alive. As we explore each of these archetypes, we simultaneously explore new corners of ourselves, discovering new depths and surrendering to the cosmos that exists within.

As we deepen into the invitations presented by each astrological transit, we deepen into our individual human experience. Life is vast, multi-faceted, contradictory, complex, wide, varied, and unfathomable in scope. Within us exists every frequency. Within us awaits every sound. Every emotion. Every color. Sagittarius invites us to explore—and be with—all of ourselves.

Sagittarius reminds us that as we traverse the lands that surround us, we simultaneously explore the worlds within us. As we immerse ourselves in different cultures, philosophies, beliefs, knowledge, or wisdom, we are meeting the different expressions of who we are.

The Moon has been dancing the same dance, cyclic in nature, for as long as humanity has recorded her. Beginning at a new Moon and birthing from silence, darkness, and nothingness, she then builds and builds and builds until she culminates in a full Moon. At the peak of her journey, she reaches a place of fullness and finality and completion, only to then begin releasing all that she has become so that she may find once again the nothingness from which she came in preparation for a rebirth.

A full Moon, then, is a culmination of what began under a new Moon. In November 2022, a new Moon in Sagittarius beckoned us forward into creation, initiating a new exploration, beginning a new journey, seeking truth and wisdom, and willing adventure into reality. As we sit in the center of the year and meet this week’s full Moon in Sagittarius, this cycle we have been exploring comes to a close.

Full Moons illuminate. Full Moons reveal. Full Moons finalize. Full Moons release. Under this Sagittarius full Moon on June 3 or 4, 2023, depending on your location, we are invited to step back and allow the light of the Moon to reveal what was previously hidden from our sight. To see what truth or perspective shift has been waiting to reveal itself, acting as a final piece of the puzzle. As you have been traversing life, what have you learned? What truths have you been witnessing? And what story does it tell?

Mars in Leo

Mars is our warrior planet. It represents our passion and drive, motivation, and strength. It is the fire that propels us forward in the direction that calls our name, urging us to move towards our goals, take steps, and make the changes that we know are for us.

Leo is a creative, courageous, enthusiastic, and expressive sign. It is royal, proud, determined, and loyal. Also a fire sign, it moves and creates with passion, placing its entire heart into each endeavor it takes.

Like all planets, Mars is expressed with ease and support in some zodiac signs, and more difficultly in others. While in Leo, there is a compatibility, an excitement, a supportive relationship. Both Mars and Leo are here to express and create, leap into passions, and confidently follow their dreams.

Mars mades its shift into Leo on May 20, 2023, where it will remain until July 10, 2023. While Mars is in Leo for the next seven weeks, we are invited to take initiative, to pour our heart, energy, time, and passion into the path that calls us forward, and to be bold in our expression, creativity, joy and lives.

Your Invitation

As the Sun in Gemini sits opposite the full Moon in our cosmos, you are invited to tend to both ends of the spectrum that the Gemini and Sagittarius axis represents—learning and gathering information, and wisdom and higher truth.

With the Sun appearing through the lens of Gemini, you are invited to bring together all of the elements you have been gathering and to step back and see the fullness of what you have been creating, step by step, piece by piece. It can be difficult to understand the puzzle by looking at each piece individually. Instead, can you back away and let it reveal the complete picture?

Let your truth-gathering, exploring, adventuring, human-life-journeying reveal its wisdom to you. Let the picture come together. And allow this picture to reveal the vast beauty, philosophies, and cosmologies that exist within you, too. Let it teach you something about who you are and what your role is in this vast world.

As the full Moon draws the week to a close, we finalize a chapter with the knowing that each ending is a new beginning. There is much ahead. Mars in Leo reminds us of this.

There is much awaiting our exploration. There is much waiting to be discovered and reveled in, within and without. Allow the gift that is Mars in Leo—an influx of drive, excitement, and overflowing passion—to wholeheartedly leap into the path that calls your name.

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