Weekly Astrology Forecast, September 10-16: Learning Who You Truly Are

If every aspect of your life was a reflection of who you truly are, what would it say? And what would you want it to say?

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Virgo season continues this week, bringing us a nurturing new Moon, the end of Mercury retrograde, and an ease inviting us forward once again.

New Moon in Virgo

During the Moon’s passage through the lunar cycle, the new Moon occurs after she has emptied herself bare in her recent full phase. It is here that she begins once again and rebirths herself into the world.

We have been journeying through Virgo season for several weeks. Virgo possesses the beautiful gift of seeing the highest potential in all things, including the self. With this clear sightedness, each step it takes is intentional and service of this potential. Whether this is through taking care of our bodies with food, movement, or a self-care routine. Whether it is through learning about our thoughts and peeling back layers through therapy. Whether it is through instilling organization and order, habits that hold us, or structured plans to move us forward.


Astrological representation of Virgo
Virgo possesses the beautiful trait of seeing the highest potential in all things, including the self. (Photo: ProVectors | Getty)

Part of Virgo’s innate mission is to encourage our intentional and continual refining, analyzing, stripping away, building, repeating, and integrating. It is what is needed to become on the outside who we are on the inside.

September 14, 2023, brings a new Moon in Virgo, which blesses us with an invitation to begin anew within its realm of refinement and purpose, direction and clarity, self-analysis and integration. Its sole purpose is becoming the truth of who we are, the highest potential that rests within us.

This new Moon asks us to consider a new chapter. What we would like it to look like. How we would like to begin it. It reminds us that we have the ability to choose what evolves in our lives, our bodies, our minds, and our auras. And it invites us to lovingly tend to ourselves, weeding what is not a reflection of who we are, planting what is, and continuing to tend and nurture the beautiful potential within.

Illustration of Mercury retrograde in relation to Earth.
Because Mercury is an inner planet, its orbit completes in less time than that of the Earth. This means the planet occasionally laps the Earth, creating the perception from our vantage that Mercury is moving backward rather than forward. (Illustration: Getty Images)

Mercury Direct in Virgo

A day after the Virgo new Moon, Mercury finishes its retrograde motion on September 15, 2023, and starts moving forward once again in the grounded sign of Virgo.

In astrology, each planet has a zodiac sign or two that it rules. Mercury rules Virgo. Mercury also rules our mental realms. It shapes how we take in information, process it, and share it. As an archetype, it represents learning, logic, communication, information, technology, and planning. Mercury and Venus hold the same intentions and desired directions and their energies cohabitate well together.

Mercury entered Virgo on July 28, 2023, and will remain in the earth sign until October 4, 2023. Although Mercury is a quick-moving planet, we have been offered an unusually lengthy amount of time with Mercury in one sign, a beckoning to deepen into the intentions of its energy.

While Mercury has been and continues to be in Virgo, there is an invitation to zoom into the details of our lives. To begin breaking down any plans, desires, or visions into small, digestible, intentional steps. Also, to be creating a new relationship with our everyday actions, routines, habits, and rituals so that they may begin to truly support and serve ourselves and our desires.

Your Invitation

This week brings two invitations for a new beginning in Virgo. Mercury, and therefore our minds, have been traversing the underworld, retracing our steps and re-learning how to navigate life. As the new Moon meets us and Mercury moves direct, we have an opportunity to tend to the Virgo in us.

While each new Moon can feel like a beautiful opportunity to begin again, having Mercury begin its direct motion hours afterward only adds to that momentum. It’s fling-the-doors open energy.

What if you were offered a new beginning, an opportunity to begin again, with the divine mission to make who you are on the inside reflected in every aspect of your living experience? The way you express yourself and the narratives you hold of life, your relationships and the way you contribute to the world, the way you meet each day and the steps you take over and over, the way you relate to your emotions and the way your feet touch the earth? If every moment and area of your life were a reflection of who you are, what would it say? And, more importantly, what would you want it to say?

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