The Mindful Diet Week 6: Notice (and Celebrate!) Changes

This week is all about celebrating how far you’ve come—without reverting to old habits.

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By now, you’re starting to feel and possibly look a little different. Maybe you have more energy or less bloat; maybe that tight yoga tank is fitting a bit better or your friends are saying that your skin “glows.” Acknowledging your success is a surefire way to stay the course because it’s proof that you’re well able to make healthy changes and continue to do so, says Kristeller. So, this week is all about celebrating how far you’ve come—without reverting to old habits.

Day 36: Splurge on new patterned yoga pants.

Find some favorites here.

Day 37: Give in to a guilty non-food-related pleasure.

You could buy a gossip mag or binge-watch rom-coms on Hulu.

Day 38: Treat yourself to a spendy green juice.

Or make one from home with this tasty recipe.

Day 39: Go for a long walk with a friend who makes you laugh ’til you cry.

Day 40: Take a morning or full day off from work.

Spend it in your happy place (the beach, a spa, a mountain trail—whatever gets you smiling).

Day 41: Give your goals a one-day break!

Day 42: Check in.

Remember the email you sent to your friends on Day 3? Send a progress report to them today. This checkpoint will make you accountable to your support crew and help you assess whether you’re staying true to your goals.

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