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What Your Doshas and Ayurveda Can Help You Understand About Your Life Purpose

Ayurveda can explain so much more than simply what’s out of balance. It can also help you understand your superpower.

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Several years ago, when I went searching for ways to heal my body and mind, I didn’t expect to discover my soul. Yet the closer Ayurveda brought me to balancing the connection between my physical and psychological realms, the more I came to understand my life’s purpose, or dharma.

Sure, understanding the doshas can help your digestion, balance your hormones, and improve your mood. But Ayurveda is so much more than that. During the past decade of studying and sharing the essential truth of the doshas, I feel like I’ve been coming home to a part of myself that I didn’t know I was missing.

Why finding your dharma is essential

Your dharma is the unique vibration only you can carry into the world. Following your purpose feels good because it’s what you’re meant to do; it’s the big reason you’re here. Being in-line with your dharma is also when your biggest ideas or “aha” moments can come through.

In recent years, an increasing number of has become aware that we are not meant to do unfulfilling work every day for the rest of our lives. According to a survey by Joblist, 73 percent of Americans are seriously considering quitting their jobs, and half of those who have quit are changing careers. Granted, not everyone has the privilege of being able to change careers to be their happiest and truest selves. But if you have the ability to do so, or find yourself at a crossroads—by choice or otherwise—look to your dosha.

We tend to consider the doshas as the source of imbalance in our everyday lives. When you instead understand the positive qualities and traits of each dosha, it becomes easier to discern the unique purpose you bring to the world and where you might find fulfillment. Physical and psychological health are not the only objectives of Ayurveda but are rather precursors to being able to live your best life, hold a higher vibration, and, as a consequence, share your talents with the planet.

What your doshas say about your dharma

True wellness is knowing the truth of who you are and shifting your life into alignment with that knowledge. Being aware of your dharma helps you understand the most satisfying ways for you to take action, pursue work that complements who you are, and, basically, show up. With this understanding, you can bring not only your mind and body into balance but your soul as well.

We are each here to be our own unique expression, which is known as your dharma archetype. (To learn more about your dharma archetype and how it fits with your dosha, you can take a Dharma Archetype Quiz at

Discovering your dharma doesn’t need to take years of struggle. Knowing your dosha can reveal the type of energy you naturally connect with and that feels aligned with who you are as a soul. When you consider the elements and traits associated with your primary dosha, you might be able to more easily realize what you can offer others and incorporate that into the type of work that best suits you—and, in so doing, become the highest version of yourself.


Those with vata doshas are attuned to the air element and tend to flow from one thought, interest, or emotion to the next. You’re very attuned with your creative nature, and that is your gift. Your talents are needed to help devise new ways of thinking as the collective shifts away from the corporate model. You might be drawn to work in environments that are related to the spiritual realm.

To align with your dharma: Not surprisingly, you favor work that allows you to approach things through the lens of creativity, often as an artist or author. Be curious during those moments when you find yourself in a flow state, as this indicates your dharma. You thrive in branding, marketing, and design fields, and you’re likely to be frustrated by nine-to-five jobs that don’t give you the space to be free and spontaneous or speak to your soul’s work.


A person with a predominant pitta dosha craves heat and passion. You’re a go-getter with immense dreams and ambitions—and the determination to make them happen. This comes from your fire element, which wants to get things done. Securing change is among your talents, and your competitive nature makes rising to the top your priority, no matter the consequences. Be aware of the potential for burnout.

To align with your dharma: You tend to thrive when you can tap into your fiery warrior energy and stand strong in your beliefs. Consider any type of activist, entrepreneurial, or leadership role where you can break through limitations and mindsets that typically hold others back. Notice when you feel enthused about an idea or want to pour all your energy into something—you’ll find your dharma in the midst of these instinctually aligned situations.


When kapha is your dominant dosha, your nurturing and caring attitude is an expression of your earth element. Your groundedness and heart- centered ability to connect with others is your talent, and that allows you to empathize not only with friends and family but also with coworkers and the people you reach through your career.

To align with your dharma: You feel most fulfilled when you are in a helping role and can respond to others with attentive listening and thoughtful advice. That said, you can easily become overloaded when you’re constantly focusing on others, especially in teaching or therapist roles. Being exposed to the domineering energy of others or a relentless work schedule also tends to weigh heavily on you. You need to constantly tune in to your body and spirit so you can be aware when your work leaves you feeling drained instead of fulfilled.

About our contributor

Sahara Rose, best-selling author and host of the Highest Self Podcast, has been called “a leading voice for the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift” by Deepak Chopra. Connect with her at @iamsahararose.