A Viniyoga Sun Salutation to Restore Your Body + Soul

Try this floor-based Viniyoga Sun Salutation 
that takes weight-bearing out of the picture and pressure off your joints.

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A floor-based Viniyoga Sun Salutation that takes weight-bearing out of the picture and pressure off joints. Though the promise of Viniyoga is to help the individual where he or she is, this gentle routine works for many.

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Thunderbolt Pose, variation


Start by kneeling, arms at your sides.

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Thunderbolt Pose, variation

Sweep your arms wide on an inhale and bring them together in front of your heart in Anjali Mudra. On an exhale, bow your head slightly.

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Upward Salute, variation

Urdhva Hastasana

On an inhale, push forward through your toes and bring your chest upward until your arms are straight, pressing firmly into the tops of your feet as you broaden your chest and roll your shoulders out and down away from your ears.

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Child’s Pose


On an exhale, fold the hips back toward the heels as is comfortable, bringing the arms and forehead to the floor in a relaxed position, elbows bent.

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Cobra Pose


Slide forward into a gentle Cobra Pose. Roll your shoulders back and down. Hug your belly in to support your lower back as you inhale and lift your heart to the sky.

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Child’s Pose

On an exhale, draw up through the belly, allowing the lower back to flex or round gently and fold back. Release hips to heels; relax arms and forehead on the floor.

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Thunderbolt Pose, variation

Begin again with the next inhale, standing on the knees for Thunderbolt Pose, sweeping arms wide again. Repeat the sequence from the beginning a few times.

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Low Lunge, variation


When warmed up, bring the right foot forward and set the shin perpendicular to the floor to support the knee. Place fingertips on either side of the front leg propped on blocks. Hold for 3–4 breaths.

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Intense Side Stretch, 


Draw your hips back toward your heels and flex your front foot. Either keep your right knee slightly bent or move into a full extension of the leg for a few breaths.

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Low Lunge, variation

Transition back into Low Lunge position, moving the pelvis forward and allowing the hip flexors and quads to stretch. Repeat the Lunge-to-Parsvottanasana sequence 2–3 times. Switch sides.

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Puppy Pose


After lunging on both sides, keep your knees on the floor and rotate your pelvis forward, extending the spine for Puppy Pose before beginning the whole sequence again.

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Thunderbolt Pose, variation

Return to Thunderbolt Pose with hands folded at the heart in Anjali Mudra.

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