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National Yoga Month Giveaway with Hugger Mugger

September is National Yoga Month! We want to celebrate the community and health benefits that brings us all to our mats, and to encourages others to start. We partnered with Hugger Mugger to giveaway their favorite products to enhance your at home practice – enter below!

Hugger Mugger National Yoga Month Giveaway Includes:

  • Earth Elements 5MM Yoga Mat
  • Mexican Yoga Blanket
  • Standard Yoga Bolster 4”
  • Foam Yoga Block
  • Zafu Meditation Cushion
  • Silk Eye Pillow with Herbal Filling

Valued at over $300!

Hugger Mugger‘s missions is to provide innovative and technically superior products for the practice of yoga and the enjoyment of its lifestyle. They take great pride in the product line they have created, which currently features USA-made and handmade products, heavy metal and phthalate-free yoga mats, and eco-friendly yoga products, including biodegradable TPE mats, natural rubber mats, cork and bamboo blocks, and more.

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