3 Guided Meditations for When You Need a Break

All it takes is 15 minutes (or less) to help you regain focus and calm, so you can tackle your day.

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You could use a break (yes, you)! Taking time to yourself during the heat of your day can be incredibly beneficial—as long as you’re making the most of it. Just a few minutes of meditating, walking, or just reconnecting with your breath can make a huge difference between feeling refreshed and revitalized or slogging through the rest of your day.

Resist the temptation to doomscroll social media or mindlessly shop online and instead try one of these guided meditations to help you emerge from your break feeling focused and calm.

Gain clarity in 10 minutes

In this voice-only, 10-minute guided meditation by Declutter the Mind, you’ll use mindfulness and breath awareness to help increase your concentration and clarity for work, school, and general productivity. 

Find focus in 5 minutes

Meditation teacher Neil Seligman guides you through a breath-centered meditation that helps your gain clarity in just 5 minutes.

A yoga nidra to fan the flames of focus

The element of fire is associated with focus, shares yoga nidra guide Heather Sanderson. This meditation helps you in building that internal energy (or heat) and discerning where to place it. Try this 12-minute practice while lying down. It will guide you into a visualization where you find what you need to give more focus in your life.

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