Kundalini Sun Salutation to Experience a Spiritual Awakening

This Kundalini Sun Salutation is tied to reverence and prayer and likely looks more like the Sun Salutation the rishis of old might have practiced.

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This practice is tied to reverence, prayer, and pranams, Sanskrit for “bowing in reverence.” As such, the form likely looks more like the Sun Salutation the rishis of old might have practiced than what we see in most studios today.

Wake Up + Revive with 3 Sun Salutation Practices
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Mountain Pose, variation


Begin standing tall and grounded, taking in the power of the earth and focusing on that with your palms together at your heart.

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Upward Salute

Urdhva Hastasana

Open your palms, keeping thumbs together, and reach up and back. Bring your arms next to ears, bow back, and look up, receiving the grace of the divine through your heart chakra.

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Standing Forward Bend


Bow forward, bending your knees if necessary, and place your hands beside your feet.

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Low Lunge, variation


Step back into a Low Lunge, dropping your back knee to the floor. Arch your back and look up.

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Knees-Chest-Chin Pose

Astanga Pranam

Step back with your front leg and bring your chest down. You’re prostrating yourself to the earth in full pranams, conveying the oneness of our earth body with our living planet.

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Crocodile Pose

Kundalini Crocodile


Lie flat on the mat, place your forehead on the floor, extend your legs, and point your toes.

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Cobra Pose


Raise your head up and look up, lifting your back off the ground vertebra by vertebra, receiving the radiant light of the sun.

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Downward-Facing Dog Pose

Kundalini Down-Dog

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Bow forward in another way by moving into Downward-Facing Dog.

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Low Lunge, variation


Step forward into Low Lunge with the opposite leg. Look up in aspiration to the heavens. You’re allowing the lower chakras to be close to the earth while the upper chakras simultaneously aspire toward the heavens.

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Standing Forward Bend


Bring your back foot to meet your front foot, placing your hands beside your feet, bending knees if necessary.

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Upward Salute

Urdhva Hastasana

Reach up as if tracing the inside of a bubble that’s above your head. Bow back and look up with arms next to ears in a full standing salute.

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Mountain Pose, variation

Move into namaste with prayerful hands at your heart. Rest here for a few breaths, feeling the effects. Repeat on the other side.

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