Dosha Pops: Sweet Treats for Your Personality

The story behind the aryuvedic lollipops in the Oscars' gift bags. Plus, a Dosha Test to determine what flavor is perfect for you.

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By Jennifer D’Angelo Friedman

Amy Adams may have lost the Oscar, but she went home with a pretty sweet consolation prize—a box of all-natural lollipops tailored to her individual Aryuvedic needs. It all started last December, just an hour and a half after Dosha Pops’ Chief Lollipop Maker Peggy Andrews launched her She received a phone call to participate in this year’s Grammy and Oscar gift bags, and couldn’t pass it up. “It’s a definite Cinderella story. I still can’t believe it happened,” says Andrews, former lawyer now aryuvedic candymaker.

Pretty much everyone involved in the Grammys went home with Dosha Pops’ six handmade lollipops based on the three Ayurvedic doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The herbal tea-based Pops also took a coveted spot in the $80,000 Oscar “swag bag” that was given to select nominees who failed to nab the big prize.

So how are the stars (and you) supposed to know which lollipop to lick? First, take Dosha Pops’ online Dosha Test, which also reveals fun facts about your personality. Then, based on your individual Dosha, Dosha Pops recommends two of their six herbal tea-based pops: Chai Me Up (chai tea), Head Over Hibiscus (hibiscus), Inner Glow (lemon & turmeric), Mytea Pomegranate (pomegranate & rooibos), Velvet Rope (chicory) or Wishful Pinking (pink rose). In addition to herbal teas, the recipes also include highly regarded Ayurvedic spices, such as turmeric, ginger and cardamom.

Sucking on a lollipop doesn’t sound like the healthiest thing to do, but even snacking according to your Dosha, or unique pattern of Ayurvedic energies, can benefit your health and wellbeing. “If you live your life based on the tenets of your dosha—it’s not just food, but music, colors, and clothing too—you’re living your life for optimal physical, mental and spiritual health,” says Andrews. “Diet has the most profound effect on your doshic balance, because you are what you eat. Kaphas should have spicy foods to rev the metabolism. Pittas need cooling and sweet foods, like cucumber and hibiscus. Vatas needs salty, sour or sweet.”

Andrews, a kapha, started studying aryuveda when New York City’s fast-paced lifestyle and her demanding (and sedentary) career as a lawyer gave her a bad case of acid reflux. “Instead of taking an antacid, I decided on a complete lifestyle change, including herbal tea and yoga. I started following Aryuveda and took Aryuvedic cooking classes—it really spoke to me, and helped cool down my system.”

Now, Andrews hopes to bring her “health lick” to the public in the way of candy. “Lollipops are nostalgic and sexy at the same time. It’s just fun … people love it. And they taste really good.”

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