These Morning Yoga Stretches Will Help You Start Your Day Off Right

Instead of hitting snooze, turn to these poses.

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If your mornings are anything like ours, they can be quite hectic. Trying to squeeze in a yoga class between getting ready, eating breakfast, and packing up for the day can be challenging (or impossible). For those mornings when you’re looking for a practice that won’t take an hour, check out these 15-minute morning yoga stretches. These sequences are the perfect kickstart to your busy day. And hey, if you want to try these in your pajamas, we’re not judging.

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Six 15-minute morning yoga stretches for busy mornings

A sunrise sequence for those super early mornings

If you’re looking to start off your morning *slowly,* this sequence is for you. This 15-minute morning yoga video focuses on bringing energy to your mind and body—without wearing you out. Yoga With Adriene combines bends, chest openers, and grounding poses for a morning sequence that will rejuvenate even the most tired muscles.

A feel-good, 15-minute morning yoga video for beginners

If you identify as a beginner yogi, this 15-minute morning practice is a great option. Start your day off with a slow-moving sequence, focusing on your breath and soothing poses. Have a stressful day ahead of you? Don’t worry—this sequence will ensure you head off into your day feeling calm and relaxed. Over the course of 15 minutes, Arianna Elizabeth will lead you through simple postures, such as forward folds, Downward-Facing Dog Pose, and Mountain Pose.

An energizing sequence to wake up your body

Still waking up? Whether you’re recovering from a late night or just struggling to get a boost of energy in the morning, this energizing sequence will get your body moving. In this 15-minute morning yoga video, Yoga with Kassandra combines core-strengthening poses with balancing postures and deep lunges for a fast-paced flow. The practice is geared toward intermediate-level yogis, but it can be modified to be more or less challenging depending on your ability level.

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A flow for when you really don’t want to get out of bed

Not ready to get out of bed quite yet? You don’t have to! You can do these morning yoga stretches from the comfort of your bed. This practice combines quiet meditative moments with side bends and forward folds. Tara Stiles: Yoga that Feels Like You takes you through hamstring stretches, hip openers, and side-to-side movement for a flow that slowly wakes you up—and eventually gets you standing on the ground. We can’t think of better way to start the day.

A practice to deeply stretch every part of your body

Woke up feeling more than a little sore? This 15-minute morning yoga video will deeply stretch all of your muscles—from your calves and hips to your chest and back. SarahBethYoga integrates breathwork into this energizing practice–enabling you to start your day off centered and inspired and encouraging you to take your time and breathe into each poses for a little bit longer.

A fast-paced, 15-minute morning yoga stretch

If you’re looking to build strength and stamina with your morning yoga practice, consider this sequence. BrettLarkinYoga combines arm-strengthening postures, like Dolphin Pose, with intense core work to ensure that you’ll start your day by breaking a sweat. In just 15 minutes, you’ll feel relaxed, stretched, and maybe even a little tired (in a good way). This sequence is perfect for those looking to combine their morning yoga stretches with their daily workout.

This article has been updated. Originally published April 30, 2021.

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