Revolved Side Angle (Parvritta Parsvakonasana)

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  1. Begin in Adho Mukha Svanasana, noticing that the two sides of the waist are equally long
  2. Observe also that the midline of the body (the central axis that runs from the center of the pelvis to the sternum to the center of the crown) is super-imposed on the midline of the mat, not curving or veering to one side or the other
  3. Step the right foot forward so the toes are in line with the fingertips; adjust the foot slightly to the right
  4. Bend until the front knee creates a right angle with the thigh parallel to the floor and the knee stacked over the ankle
  5. Notice that the right hip is hiked up, shortening the right waist
  6. Pin the right outer hip back and in towards the left heel while keeping the right knee stacked over the right heel
  7. Keeping the left leg absolutely straight, pivot the left heel to the floor creating a 45-degree angle with the foot
  8. Line up heel to heel or a little wider
  9. Inhale, raise the arms coming into Virabhadrasana 1
  10. Exhale, keep the length in the torso and draw the palms together in front of the sternum
  11. Inhale, lengthen from the left heel to the crown
  12. Exhale, hook the left elbow to the outside of the right knee, twisting to the right
  13. Immediately press the right knee to the right to keep it in line with the second toe; this action will also help to pin the right outer hip into the midline
  14. Observe the effect of the twist on the central axis; has the torso veered or curved off the midline of the mat?
  15. Direct the sternum back to the front center of the mat rather than letting it drift in the direction of the twist
  16. Observe the effect of the twist on the left leg; has it “gone along for the ride” and sagged towards the mat as you twist to the right?
  17. Push back with the left heel and vigorously press the left thigh back
  18. Keeping the left elbow to the outside of the right knee, place the left hand on the floor to the outside of the right ankle and reach the right arm past the ear, palm down
  19. Look beneath the right upper arm towards the wall behind you
  20. With each inhale lengthen from the back heel to the top hand, maintaining the integrity of the central axis
  21. With each exhale revolve around that length, spinning the left ribs forward and the right ribs back and up
  22. Hold for 5-10 breaths, then release hands to the floor, step back to Adho Mukha Svanasana and repeat on the other side