Side Reclining Leg Lift Cues

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  1. Begin lying on the back in a supine Tadasana; feel the evenness between the front and back bodies
  2. Flex the ankles, then continue to draw back the outer border of each foot while pressing into the big toe mounds to spin the inner thighs down
  3. Remember these foot actions, then roll onto the right side, stretching the right arm along the floor in line with the body, palm dow
  4. Bring back the actions and front to back evenness from Tadasana, anchoring the pose with the outer border of the right foot
  5. Spin the inner thighs back and direct the flesh of the buttocks towards the heels to create stability at the center
  6. Bend the elbow and prop the head up on the right hand, keeping the elbow in line with the shoulder, torso and legs
  7. Externally rotate the left leg, bending the knee and drawing the heel toward the groin
  8. Clasp the left big toe with the first two fingers of the left hand, then extend the left foot toward the ceiling
  9. Continue to direct the buttocks towards the right heel, rather than allowing them to fall back in space
  10. Keep the left foot in line with the torso, rather than allowing it to drift forward in space
  11. Press into the right big toe mound to emphasize the neutrality of the right leg