Warrior I Pose Cues

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  1. From Adho Mukha Svanaanastep the right foot forward so the toes are in line with the fingertips and cheat the foot slightly to the right Bend until the front knee creates a right angle with the thigh parallel to the floor and the knee stacked over the ankle
  2. Pivot the left heel to the floor so the foot forms a 45-degree angle and the feet line up heel to heel or slightly wider
  3. Pin the right outer hip back and in towards the left heel while keeping the right knee stacked over the right heel
  4. Press the left thigh bone back sothe left knee is absolutely straight
  5. On an inhale raise the torso and arms, hands shoulder distance apart and palms facing each other; initially look straight forward
  6. Allow the shoulder blades to spin out and up away from the spine and towards the outer armpits (upward rotation) in order to maintain the articulation of the bones of the shoulder and spaciousness at the base of the neck
  7. Spin the biceps back and firm the triceps into the midline
  8. Pull up with the left inner arch while spinning the leftinner thigh back in order to roll the left outer hip forward
  9. Keep pressing the left femur back while releasing the tailbone towards the floor
  10. Emphasize the descent of the tailbone by rooting down through the right heel and drawing the pubis towards the navel
  11. Move the lower belly back and up away from the right thigh
  12. Without flaring the front ribs bring the palms together and look up into the thumbs • Hold for 5 to10 breaths
  13. Release hands to the floor, step back to Adho Mukha Svanasana and repeat on the other side